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We are glad to have here at the main page of News for Retirement. This is an online magazine with constant, high quality updates that is focused on the second half of your life. With a friendly outline and a very easy to follow design, you will immediately feel comfortable with this magazine and start surfing our many articles and editorials on anything over 50s related.

We cover absolutely any subject that you will find useful to make the best out of your retirement. We are decided to destroy once and for all the very unrealistic myth that retirement is a passive stage, quite depressing actually, where you progressively wither. Things are completely different! Retirement is a great time of your life, and there are many ways to enjoy these years, with new activities, new friends, sharing with your growing family, an an overall different tone of life. You no longer need to worry about work or taking care of your children all the time. Your life is now open to hundreds of new possibilities.

What subjects do we cover?

The latest news in the world of retirement. New options, activities and anything relevant to the over 50s. Reviews on activities and trips for you to consider your next adventure.
Health tips and advice for a better life quality. Our experts in medicine, nutrition and third age will write complete editorials on relevant subjects. Financiation advice. Equity release schemes, lifetime mortgage, home reversion and other estate planning schemes. Finance your retired life with the value of your home.
Health care information and reviews. Find the best care service for you or your loved ones. Tricks to get the best deal on loans, credits and remortgage plans.
Motivational true stories about people who have found ways of having a successfur retirement. Get inspiration and live your retirement to the full. Information on social security. We will explain what you need to know so you know that you are safe and independent.
Travel information and ideas for trips. From a picnic in the river to a night out at a cozy restaurant with great food and atmosphere. Excersise and fitness advice to mantain your body healthy without overloading it. Find the right balance and feel energetic and full of self-esteem.
Advice on life insurance and retirement planning. Psychological articles on the events and emotions that are typical of this age. 
Anything that you want. If you are interested in a subject that is relevant for over 50s and you don't see it in this list, send us your request through our feedback form and we will add it to our schedule!

We are an interactive magazine!

With the magic of the Internet, this magazine and you can have a constant dialogue. There are many ways in which we can interact. This magazine is meant for you, so we want to know what you think about it, and what kind of articles you would like to read. Send us your ideas, questions and thoughts! Use the contact form placed on the left of this webpage to write to us! 

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Happy Client

"I enjoy every single update of News on Retirement. The magazine's editor clearly knows this work because all that is published is very helpful. I have never seen a single article out of focus."
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